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Principles of human resources; leadership, respectability, quality, participatory management, flexibility, value creation and empowerment. Our organization structure; is to create from individuals who are open to innovations, efficient, with teamwork spirit, in accordance with corporate values, to continuously develop these people in line with the culture of excellence and to become an organization to be proud of all our employees.

To ensure that the organizational structures are kept dynamic and ready for changes in line with the strategic plans and objectives. To provide a working environment where employees can develop continuously with the belief that individual development will directly reflect on business development.

The qualifications that our company wants to work in are the appropriate training, experience, professional talent, foreign language skills, good character, dynamism, progress potential, sharing and compatibility, self-sacrificing work, representation ability, respect, reasoning, loyalty and honesty.

You can apply to our company for evaluation. This recommendation; applies to those with professional experience.

You can send your CV to for your applications.