Vision & Mission | Treks Mühendislik | Makine İmalatı, Fırın İmalatı

Our Vision

To work in a long-term cooperation with our customers by prioritizing productivity, dynamism, quality, original ideas and positive perspective in a changing and developing business world.

Our company, which continuously improves and improves its quality standards in line with this target, has become a prestigious institution consulted by many important organizations from various regions.

creating differences in the tasks undertaken by the permanent works to create target which remains an undertaking which operates with great success in terms of quality and time of application, for contemporary and modern Turkey, our country aims to improve continuously its contribution to the economy.

In the industries we serve efficiency, quality, and employee safety issues sets the standard among the most reliable companies in Turkey and we continue our work with the goal of consciousness.

We carry the awareness and responsibility of our country to be important touchstone engineering projects with the projects we developed in the light of pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit, first and exemplary designs in the world and country.

Our Mission

Active, dynamic, organized, well-educated and capable of representing the company at the highest level with our marketing staff to effectively promote the company’s products and services, differentiate from our competitors and be able to create demand in addition to being the company that meets customer demand.

Our corporate structure based on creating value by meeting the expectations of our customers with a stable quality understanding and managing the values in the en best şekil way with our customer-oriented working strategy and competitive growth potential.