Powder Coating Systems | Treks Mühendislik | Makine İmalatı, Fırın İmalatı

Saving powder paint and human health are our first priority in the production of manual and automatic powder coating booths that enable the whole nonsticked paints to be kept within the booth. They can be easily mounted anywhere required, thanks to with the help of their ergonomic and disassembled construction.

Automatic powder coating booths provide a fast and quality painting solution by making a regular feeding of the paint without any interruption of the plant. Automatic booths are produced depending to customer need as filter type, monocyclone and multicyclone types.

• Cyclone or filter type recovery systems
• Plastic or metal bodies
• Quick-color-change or ordinary designs ADVANTAGES OF TREKS APPLICATORS
• Quick-color-change
• High powder recovery percentage minimum paint loss
• Maximum energy save
• Soundproof fans in CE standards