Smart Die Oven | Treks Mühendislik | Makine İmalatı, Fırın İmalatı

Smart die oven, thanks to its unique software prevents the over fast and over heating of the die and therefore offers long die life.
It also offers uniform temperature on the die so that it will be possible to extrude with the first billet and increase the productivity.
In convetional chest type oven most common problem is the oxidation. Smart oven prevents this problem with its working principle and construsction.
As all the cells contain single die, the temperature of other dies does not drop when the oven door is opened.
Smart oven reduces the heating times %50 therefore saves energy
The lamps on the oven gives information about the the heating of die and prevent forgetting the heated dies in the oven over times
All the cells have different control programs separately. Therefore, different kind of dies can have different programs and heating graphs. Trial dies, solid dies, hollow dies etc can have different set temperatures.
Therefore the wrong die temperature is not excuse any more.