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Nitriding Furnace

Our company is the sales representative of HEF Durferrit for following countries; Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Algeria, Kuwait, Arabia. Our company is providing technical support also beside of salt sales. TENİFER® process is invented by HEF Durferrit and its patented. This process gives you longer tool life and its helps to achieve brighter surfaces on your profile.
The material is extruded through the die profile at high pressure. During processing the temperature of aluminium alloys is between 450 and 500°C, that of non-ferrous metal alloys 700°C and above. Metal particles, which adhere to the extrusion channel after only a few pressings roughen its surface, which means that it must then be polished. This tendency to stick is considerably reduced by the nonmetallic nature of the compound layer and hence the tools do not have to be cleaned so frequently. The service life of dies, hollow-section tools and mandrels used in the processing of aluminium alloys can be increased by 200-800% by the TUFFTRIDE treatment. Due to the good sliding properties of the compound layer, the extrusion speed can be increased in some cases. For the extrusion of brass the increase in service life will be lower, because decomposition of the compound, layer takes place more quickly at temperatures around 700°C than at 500°C. One successful application of TUFFTRIDE in the processing of brass has been in the treatment of mandrels which are heavily water cooled during the extrusion process.